Cesc Fabregas, splashed in a "fraud" of his wife

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Cesc Fabregas , Spanish footballer born 28 years ago in Arenys de Mar, sports a tattoo in Arabic on one arm. The translation is: " My life for D. Always ". Daniella Semaan is the woman who is in love to the core, curvaceous Lebanese  a beautiful chest opulent it takes twelve years and which in the last three had two daughters.
The sincerity of the phrase tattoo will be tested by the courts. The stylish Chelsea midfielder has been punctuated by a fight between Daniella and her ex - husband , the Lebanese real estate mogul Elie Taktouk , 40, who has reached the British Supreme Court. Summarizing much, Taktouk comes to accuse Daniella, also 40, of carrying out a scam with the help of Cesc , selling their former marital home the player below its price with the idea of continuing her living on the floor.

Fulminant Romance

Elie Taktouk and Daniella were married for twelve years and had two children, Marie (12 years) and Joseph (10). The child is a big football fanIn 2011, the Lebanese model came with little to eat in the restaurant Nozomi, a Japanese black facade in a perpendicular nice Knightsbridge, frequented by rich Arabs who smoke their water pipes. Seeing Cesc, Daniella approached him for an autograph for his son . Despite the fleeting of the situation, an operative Fàbregas he managed to pass his phone.
In May of that 2011, the footballer, who was then playing for Arsenal London, announced the end of his seven - year courtship with Dona Carla , a Barcelona degree in psychology that had met seventeen. It was the classic " Bride of life ", which accompanied the London adventure. The following month came the moment Elie Taktouk he almost chokes breakfast, as it would have outraged the tabloid "The Sun". The real estate entrepreneur was flipping through the newspaper and saw a story of Cesc beach vacation in Nice . Coming down to detail, he found that the tipazo in bikini with him was none other than his wife. Taktouk exploded. He accused the Spanish footballer of having "stolen" his wife, and to make matters worse, " just when we wanted another child ."
Lebanese businessman then warned: "Cesc is a fool. Daniella goes for money and fame, but he is not Beckham and when finished will leave. "After those photos in Nice began a relentless legal assault by Taktouk , which after some setbacks this week has resulted in an important victory in the Supreme Court, the highest British court.
When they began their divorce proceedings, the judge ordered Daniella Gloster to proceed with the sale of the family apartment , located in the exclusive neighborhood of Belgravia , one of the most expensive in London, and that the money be distributed to . Taktouk always maintained that she made ​​there a fraudulent maneuver, because instead of fulfilling the judge's order placing the housing at a reasonable market price, it would have made ​​a sale down to the Spanish company Zirrintza SL, a company related to Cesc .
According Taktouk, Daniella sold the flat to the company of her boyfriend by 6.6 million euros when the market price should have been 9.1 million. That is, they would have lost 2.5 million and Cesc would clearly intervened to help her . The Coleridge judge of the Supreme Court has now given the right to ex - husband and failed to have the right to an appeal, which the playercould end up in court for declaring the messes of your partner . In the case of divorce, Taktouk also invoked that Cesc was funding underhand Daniella.
The Lebanese model is an active twitterers and after the explosive statements of her husband in 2011 against Cesc and against it, responded with this enigmatic tweet: " Three rules for a relationship: do not lie, do not cheat and do not make promises you can not keep . It also deletes your internet history. "
As much as stir Taktouk in court, the truth is that Cesc and Daniella are seen happy. Together they had two daughters, Leah, three years, and Capri, born last July. The player is estimated to earn around 194,000 euros a week at Chelsea , where he is serving with his usual precision passing, but no more.His critics say plays too late and that is a footballer more plastic than cash, they do not really know quite what to bring. Son of the quarry of the farmhouse, Cesc is a close friend of Messi.

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