Glamour model Chloe Saxon another Adam Johnson's Target

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A glamour model has revealed how ex-Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson 'put his hand up her dress' after inviting her to a party weeks before he was due to stand trial for child sex offences.

  • Adam Johnson invited model Chloe Saxon to Christmas party last year
  • While there he allegedly said photo of his daughter was one of his niece

The disgraced player reportedly asked Chloe Saxon, 30, to join him at his former club's Christmas party in London last December, even paying for her to spend the night in a five-star hotel.

She claimed the footballer 'put his hand up her dress' and 'tried to kiss her' when they said goodnight after lying to her about having a daughter and a girlfriend.

It is the latest in a series of sordid details to emerge about Johnson, who repeatedly cheat with ex-girlfriend Stacey Flounders, the mother of his daughter.

Miss Saxon told Chris Pollard and Rachel Dale at the Sun on Sunday that the former England star was drinking tequila from the bottle and appeared to be showing her off to his teammates.

At the end of the night the pair went up to her hotel room where he climbed into her bed. But the model said she made it clear she was not interested in spending the night with him.

Miss Saxon, who had a three-month relationship with Johnson in 2011, said that during the night she asked him about a photo of a child she spotted on his phone.

The footballer lied and said the picture of one-year-old daughter Ayla Sofia was actually of his niece.
It was only when the trial started weeks later she realised Johnson had been facing charges and in a relationship at the time of the party.

The shocking claims are the latest to emerge about Johnson's private life. During the trial it emerged he had cheated on Miss Flounders on a number of occasions over the course of their relationship.

Source DailyMail

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