Euro 2016 Hot Female Fans - 100 Photos

Posted by FirmLink on Kamis, 23 Juni 2016

UEFA Euro 2016 is well and truly got into its peak after all 24 teams have played atleast 1 match in the competition. There has been security risks, some hooligan/thugs troubles specially during Russia and England match but it has not stopped fans from across Europe camping in France for what will be a massive 1 month extravaganza. Every now and than while during the live match camera pans to the crowd and we spot some stunning female fans so we decided to keep track of all the hot girls from Euro 2016.

Hottest Female Fans Seen in Euro 2016:

Below pictures are from random matches and we will keep updating as the tournament moves forward. Having said that so far Albanian fans has created alot of hype on social media and the pictures below will pretty much confirm their status as the hottest euro 2016 fans.

Ukraine & Poland Girls

Here are some of the girls seen during Ukraine and Poland matches.
Russian Girls (female fans):
Russian is widely regarded as the worst team in the tournament rightly so looking at their performances and their fans did not put themselves in glory but every now and than TV cameras spotted some russian beauties.

Northern Ireland Girls:

Northern Ireland has made history both on the pitch qualifying for knockout stages and also off it with exemplary support throughout the group stage. Euro 2016 Northern Ireland Female Fans:

French Girls:

Euro 2016 FrenchFemale Fans:

Albania Female Fans Are The Hottest:

We are just into the 5th day of group stages in the European championship and Albania fans has already won the trophy of hottest fans in Euro 2016. Euro 2016 Albania Female Fans:
Random Fans: Against Albanian girls has created alot buzz but now lets take look at some other countries and their fans.

Euro 2016 Ireland Republic Female Fans:

Euro 2016 Czech Republic Female Fans:

Swedish Girls: 

Euro 2016 Sweden Female Fans:


Euro 2016 Albania Female Fans:

Euro 2016 Hungary Female Fans:

Euro 2016 France Female Fans:

Euro 2016 Romania Female Fans:

Euro 2016 Spain Female Fans:

Euro 2016 Ireland Female Fans:

Euro 2016 Russia Female Fans:

England Fans:

Euro 2016 England Female Fans:

Like we mentioned before the tournament has just begun as we move forward in the competition we will keep updating with new pictures. So far Albania might have lost their battle against Switzerland on the pitch but their fans have won hearts all around the world.

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