French viral loved by Irish

Posted by FirmLink on Sabtu, 02 Juli 2016

French viral loved by Irish - A few days ago it took place one of the funniest and curious scenes of this tournament. In Bordeaux , after Ireland lost by 3 to 0 against Belgium, a large group of Irish fans forgot the bump on the streets of the city.

That was when they met a beautiful young blonde, to which they dedicated a song. The video went viral and everyone wondered who the girl in question.

It is called Carla Romera. It is a French student of 19 who occasionally makes model and working as a lifeguard in Bordeaux.

Just got out of class and called a friend to go to a pub, without which everything would be packed with Irish fans.

Carla did not lose her cool as he dedicated the legendary song 'Can not take my eyes off you', he pulled out his phone and recorded what was happening on video.

"I was told that someone chose to kiss him and chose a boy of pretty eyes. It was a kiss on the cheek because I have a boyfriend. Irish did not know before and it was a good find. "

Do not miss the gallery of Carla. Enjoy!

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